Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kadena?

A pretty neat blockchain – scalable, PoW, secure, efficient and all that.

Who is behind the project?

We started as a team of two. If you have been around the Kadena space for a while, we have probably met. Since we launched, we were joined by a bunch of fantastic people that are helping us take the project forward.

Is this collection based on the Marmalade standard?

Not yet but the contract will be updated after launch.

Is there a difference in rarity?

Yes, rarity chart will be provided latest 2 weeks after minted out.

How is the price going to change?

For every 1,000 Smashed Spiders minted, the price will increase by 2 KDA. It pays being early.

Which wallets can I use?

This site has been tested with X-Wallet only. Others will fail.

What chain is this contract running on?

Mainnet Chain 1

How will hodlers benefit?

Smashed Spider & Female collection holders will automatically qualify for airdrops and next gen collection. We generally like to under-promise and over-deliver.

Where can I see the contract?


What is the Roadmap?

  • Public launch
  • Marmalade migration
  • Trading & royalties
  • Female collection
  • Airdrop
  • Next Gen breeding